Summer Fill Fertilizer Price Increases Expected / Change Spray Tips to Improve Weed Kill

Fertilizer Update by Rob Fritz

Rob Fritz -

We have pricing for summer fill dry and liquid  fertilizers.  Supplies are great and trucks are plentiful if you’re willing to store between now and application season.  Market indicators show prices will most likely increase in the next 30 days. Call us for more information at 1-800-274-3389. Click here to send Rob an e-mail.      

Equipment Tips by Jim Goodale

Jim Goodale -

Change Spray Tips to Improve Weed Kill

If you are struggling with hard-to-kill weeds in your beans right now and the weeds are starting to get large, you may want to consider changing spray tips. If you use an air induction tip, I would highly recommend switching to a Turbo TeeJet, Turbo TwinJet or XR flat fan. Improved spray coverage means improved kill, and if you have tall, hard-to-control weeds, you may need to do more than increase your glyphosate rate to control these weeds. Also, although we have not seen a soybean aphid outbreak yet this season, we more than likely will have an outbreak before the end of summer. If you are going to spray insecticide as a preventative measure, you are going to want the best coverage possible. I would recommend 15 gallons per acre of water and, if possible, use a twin fan or at least a flat fan spray tip at high pressure (40 psi or more). This will also improve your coverage for weed control.

Turbo TwinJet

Turbo TeeJet

XR Flat Fan

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