Pricing Outlook Good for Spring-Applied Fertilizers / Winterizing Your Equipment

Fertilizer Update by Rob Fritz

Fall application season is coming to an end because the weather has turned and soil temperatures will be below freezing soon.  Pricing is still very good on the dry fertilizers.  I anticipate the best price point for spring-applied fertilizers to occur in the next month.  We are now pricing most products for spring delivery. Call us for more information at 1-800-274-3389. Click here to send Rob an e-mail.      

Equipment Tips by Mike Bemboom

Winterizing Your Equipment

Don’t forget to winterize your sprayer and any other equipment with liquid pumps like planters with liquid fertilizer and even chemical transfer pumps. If the pumps won’t be staying in a heated area over the winter, using an RV antifreeze to flush out remaining liquid the system is usually recommended. Always check your owner’s manual for the manufacturers recommended winterization procedure. Give me a call at 1-800-274-3389 if you have any questions. Click here to send Mike an e-mail.   [table “1” not found /]
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