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High Quality and Yield Starts with Superior Production Practices

Outstanding genetics mean higher yields.  There’s no secret about that, and we can guarantee you Hefty Brand Soybeans include the great genetics you’re looking for, but if many seed companies have similar genetics, why should you buy Hefty Beans vs. anyone else’s?  Seed quality is our answer.  Here’s how we can say that.

Because we strive to give you the very best seed quality available on the market, we have the most restrictive seed grower contract that we know of in the industry.  We require our seed growers to take better care of our production seed, so we believe you end up with a more nutrient-dense and vigorous seed.  Here are just a few of those steps.


Our seed growers soil test and fertilize soybeans for higher yields and quality. Did you know that 60 bushel soybeans remove approximately 131 pounds of K2O (potassium) and 58 pounds of phosphate from the soil? By fertilizing with lots of P, K, and micronutrients, the seed we produce typically has more test weight, greater size, and better vigor.

Seed Treatment

Our growers use fungicide, insecticide, inoculant, and QuickRoots on almost all our seed, so it has more nutrients and less disease throughout the year.

Soil Applied Residual Herbicide

Yes, we know our growers can control weeds with Roundup or Liberty, but we believe in having season-long, weed-free fields. It usually means better yields and more seed for us, and bigger, more productive seed for you.

Aggressively Fight Insects

We require insecticide applications at very low threshold levels when bean leaf beetles and soybean aphids are present. These insects carry disease, and if they are left to feed on the soybeans, you may end up with seed that has disease in the bag. We want to do everything we can to prevent that.

Plant Health

Fungicide use at the R2 to R3 stage (full flower to first pod) is beneficial for stopping diseases and improving yields. Because our growers are REQUIRED to spray, you’ll find our seed fields less likely to contain white mold, cercospora, frog eye leaf spot, septoria brown spot, and more. Fungicide use makes seed quality better.

Benefits of New Seed

Where do Hefty Brand Soybeans come from?

We buy genetics from the top breeders. It’s no secret that there are only a few companies left in the industry breeding soybeans on a large scale. Most of them are owned or controlled by the major crop protection manufacturers. As one of the nation’s ten largest crop protection retailers, we have access to the best soybean lines from their elite germplasm.
• Highest quality and highest yielding product vs. bin-run • Meets quality standards of seed company • Professionally handled and rigorously tested • Dramatically reduces splits and foreign matter • Ensures varietal purity • Germination tests to ensure peace of mind • Weed-free • Reliable seed supply in many maturities • Access to the most elite germplasm
• Income lost by not selling as commodity grain (e.g. 1 bushel of bin-run seed multiplied by the price of a soybean bushel) • Average loss of ~ 10-15% cleanout at harvest for bin-run seed • Handling and transportation costs for bin-run (approx. $.35-$.75/bushel) • Bin-run planting rates are generally 15% higher than new certified seed • New seed yields an average of 1.8 bushel/acre more than bin-run (University yield trials range from 1.2-5.9 bushel/acre)
• Dealer agronomic support before and after the sale • Risk management benefits of Roundup Rewards® (over $600 million paid to growers since 1997)
• Royalties provide research and development of new traits and higher-yielding germplasm • Monsanto invests over $700 million per year on research and development • Monsanto is 100% committed to agriculture • New trait introductions • 7- 9 years for commercialization • $50-$100 million in total costs for a new biotech trait • Seed companies and Monsanto are committed to our customers’ success

Why Plant Hefty Brand Soybeans?


We know that yield pays the bills on your farm, and we’re confident we have the best genetics on the market from early Group 00’s to late Group 5’s.


Hefty Brand Soybean yield data will be available in local, independent, and university yield trials.


Hefty Brand has plot winning yields, but equally important is our performance on your tough ground.


Whatever challenges your farm faces like high soil pH, soybean cyst nematodes, phytophthora root rot, other diseases, and more; if soybeans will grow in your area, Hefty Brand will perform.


Our people are the biggest advantage for you.

Expert Agronomists

When you buy Hefty Brand Soybeans, our agronomists can help you develop your complete soybean management program to unlock the yield potential of your soils, as well as your seed.


With all the benefits listed above, we’re confident you’ll see a great return on your investment with Hefty Brand Soybeans.


Ask us about our early order programs for the best deal of the year!


Hefty Brand Soybeans are often less expensive than other brands due to the intense cost management of a family-owned company. All seed companies have expenses to get seed produced, processed, and into your hands. Hefty’s contracts production through local growers, has three seed cleaning facilities, and minimizes trucking expense by doing it all in the areas where the seed will be used.


The result is a lower cost to you.