Fertilizer Update by Rob Fritz

Rob Fritz

If you have an interest in taking urea and 10-34-0 right now, then you better take your product sooner rather than later.  Prices are low, but as soon as demand increases into planting time, expect prices to increase along with it. Call us for more information at 1-800-274-3389. Click here to send Rob an e-mail.    

Equipment Tips by Mike Bemboom

Mike Bemboom

Stock Up On Parts Before Spring

Even though it is still March and still cold, now is a good time to get parts for your spring tillage, planting and maintenance needs. Quite a few equipment dealers will have some sort of spring sale on parts for you, so you can stock up on parts you know you’re going to need. Give me a call at 1-800-274-3389 if you have any questions. Click here to send Mike an e-mail.   [table “1” not found /]
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