Soybean Plot Results

Select a Year and a State below to browse the results from Hefty Brand Soybean seed trials.

We have the best genetics available sourced from the best seed breeding companies in the business. We have all the traits labeled for use today and they’re available in outstanding genetics. Our focus is on producing the highest quality seed as well.

Addy Freeman SD 2018
Baker Kimball SD 2018
Bickner Kimball SD 2018
Crisp LL Baltic SD 2018
Davis Freeman SD 2018
Endres Watertown SD 2018
Fillingsness Centerville SD 2018
Glendale Colony Huron SD 2018
Hanssen Freeman SD 2018
Horter Aberdeen SD 2018
Johnson Kimball SD 2018
Knutson Centerville SD 2018
Lowells Baltic SD 2018
Nelson Centerville SD 2018
Ostrem Centerville SD 2018
Perround Huron SD 2018
Peterson Huron SD 2018
Pharis Aberdeen SD 2018
Rix Aberdeen SD 2018
Shrag Freeman SD 2018
South Store Plot Centerville SD 2018
Stanley Aberdeen SD 2018
Store South Aberdeen SD 2018
TBJ Baltic SD 2018
VanDyne Baltic SD 2018
VanGorp Kimball SD 2018