Fertilizer Update by Rob Fritz

It is still looking like the right time to lock in fertilizer for next season, especially nitrogen. N is lower than last season and the markets look to keep rising as we go into harvest. P and K are flat and should stay that way with only small increases expected.

Equipment Tips

Is Your Combine Ready for Harvest?

The harvest season puts huge demands on your equipment and unexpected breakdowns or poor performance can cost money. With the season ahead, now is the time to give your harvester a full service so it’s ready to go at a moment’s notice.

The importance of replacing worn components on a combine harvester cannot be overemphasized. Worn components result in poor combine performance, reducing profits. For example, up to 80 percent of crop loss can occur at the platform or header area of the combine. Whether you’re harvesting wheat, barley, rice, soybeans, corn, grain-sorghum, or other crops, proper cutter bar or gatherer unit maintenance and regular replacement of worn parts will reduce loss and increase profits.

Feeding, threshing, and separating performance is reduced if maintenance and replacement of worn parts are not done at the proper time. Poor feeding of material to the threshing area can cause plugging, which can result in cylinder drive component failure or incomplete threshing. Worn threshing components cause incomplete threshing or grain damage when cylinder speed is increased to compensate for worn components.

Worn material-handling components, such as augers and elevator paddles, can result in reduced combine productivity. So in a nutshell, spend some time going over your combine to save yourself from the unexpected breakdowns during harvest this year.

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