Fertilizer Update by Rob Fritz

Rob Fritz

We’ve seen a price increase in the liquid 28% market.  Expect that trend to continue until spring.  If you are planning to sidedress later in season with your 28%, I would look to price it after the spring planting season is finished. 10-34-0 price has remained steady and looks to remain relatively flat into the season.  The dry fertilizer market has continued to remain steady. Call us for more information at 1-800-274-3389. Click here to send Rob an e-mail.    

Equipment Tips by Mike Bemboom

Mike Bemboom

Spring Planter Preparation

Spring should be here in a few weeks. Make sure your planter is ready with a planter checklist.  The following list would be a good place to start:
  1. Frame: Check the frame for cracks, separated welds or bends.
  2. Hydraulic System: Check hoses, cylinders, hydraulic lines and reservoirs for leaks.
  3. Drive Line:
    1. Ground Drive Systems: Chains, sprockets, tensioners and shafts.
    2. Hydraulic Drive: Drive motor, sprockets and shafts.
  4. Row Unit: Parallel linkage, down pressure springs or airbags and seed tubes.
  5. Disc Openers: Should be replaced if diameter is ½” less than new blade diameter (replace in pairs).
  6. Gauge Wheels: These should contact the disc opener to act as a scraper. May be able to adjust shims or replace the bearings.
  7. Closing System:
    1. Closing Wheels/Wheel: Check bearings and alignment.
    2. Chains/Discs: Check for wear.
  8. Metering System:
    1. Mechanical Fingers: Check for damages fingers, springs, carrier plates, belts, sprockets and brushes
    2. Plate Meters, Air/Vac: Check cells on the plates for wear, dust seals and knock off brushes.
    3. Vacuum Lines: Vacuum lines should be checked for potential cracks or leaks where debris can enter the airstream.
    4. Positive Air Lines: These are not as susceptible to debris since they force air through the system and are designed to release air at the meters, although extra holes or leaks in the line will require the fan to work harder.
Once you’ve gone through your checklist, make sure you get replacement parts on hand so you are not held up when you want to be planting. Give me a call at 1-800-274-3389 if you have any questions. Click here to send Mike an e-mail.   [table “1” not found /]
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